Tektronix - MSO72304DX

Tektronix - MSO72304DX

MSO/DPO70000DX series are updated, enhanced versions of 70000D oscilloscopes. The 70000DX family introduces six new DPO and MSO models at 23GHz, 25GHz, and 33GHz bandwidths, and replaces existing DPO and DSA 70000D models.

Here is a quick list of the new capabilities of the 70000DX models:

  • MSO models available at 23GHz, 25GHz, and 33GHz
  • Wider dynamic range: 600mV/div (6V full scale) maximum voltage setting
  • Longer maximum RL: 500M/ch 4-channels; 1G/ch 2-channels
  • Faster Quad-Core processor system
  • Increased standard RL for both DPO (31.25M) and MSO models (62.5M)
  • MSO models include DSA functionality (5XL, DJA, MTH, ST6G), SR-CUST,
  • SR-EMBD standard. A DSA option is available for DPO models.
  • MSO models include P6717A general purpose logic probe as standard accessory
  • DPO models customer-upgradeable to MSO with simple kit

MSO/DPO70000DX series products include TekConnect TCA292D, which offers performance to 33GHz for direct coax connections. MSO70000DX models include P6717A General Purpose Logic Probe

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Tektronix MSO72304DX

23 GHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope; 4 analog / 16 logic channels

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